AI-Powered Dating App Tool: The New Catfisher’s Secret Weapon

Cybersecurity company Avast has unveiled a long-lived and increasingly sophisticated tool that poses a significant threat to users of popular dating apps. Dubbed “LoveGPT” by Avast, this application, although unrelated to similarly named websites and apps, has been updated with artificial intelligence capabilities, making it adept at constructing fake profiles and manipulating unsuspecting victims.

“AI-Powered ‘LoveGPT’ Scam Tool Targets Dating App Users”

This tool, operating locally on Windows machines and coded in the legacy language of Visual Basic, has evolved over the years, growing more proficient at engaging and deceiving users across various dating platforms.

Avast’s findings reveal the extensive functionality of “LoveGPT,” which includes the creation of fake accounts, interaction with victims, bypassing CAPTCHAs, and anonymizing access through proxies, and browser anonymization tools. Most concerning is its recent integration with AI models like OpenAI’s DaVinci and GPT-3.5 turbo LLMs, enabling it to generate convincing interactions with users.

“LoveGPT” has expanded its reach to at least 13 dating sites, harvesting user data such as photos, texts, and personal details. It even categorizes users into age groups to create realistic fake profiles for targeted manipulation. The tool employs various databases to store profiles, conversations, email addresses, and AI-generated messages.

To remain undetected, “LoveGPT” leverages proxy services, virtual phone numbers, anti-fingerprinting tools, and the ability to bypass CAPTCHAs. Its extensive toolkit is designed to deceive and catfish dating app users effectively.

This revelation comes as 20% of male dating app users reportedly turn to AI to improve their dating prospects. Online scams have become increasingly prevalent, with romantic scams ranking among the top five in 2023, as reported by cybersecurity research firm Trend Micro. Notably, while AI tools like “LoveGPT” gain prominence, old-fashioned cryptocurrency scams remain the most profitable deception method.

OpenAI, the organization behind the AI models used by “LoveGPT,” has previously introduced moderation tools to counter the misuse of such language models. As AI infiltrates the world of online dating, users are urged to remain vigilant for potential digital Casanovas, with trust and authenticity becoming the ultimate aphrodisiac in the digital dating landscape.