Beaver County Braces for Gas Crisis: Thousands Face Days Without Gas

In a concerning turn of events, approximately 4,000 Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania customers in Beaver County are currently facing a temporary interruption in their natural gas service. This disruption has impacted residents in the communities of Baden, Conway, Economy, and Freedom.

Gas Service Disruption Affects 4,000 Beaver County Residents

Columbia Gas took swift action in response to safety concerns after technicians identified a problem with natural gas introduced into the system by a third-party upstream gas supplier. The company’s press release on a Sunday revealed this essential detail.

Residents in the affected areas should be prepared for a service shutdown expected to last several days. Importantly, early reports from Columbia Gas emphasize that this issue was not the result of any intentional actions.

For those seeking more information about streets affected by the outage, a comprehensive list is available. Columbia Gas technicians are diligently working to turn off all gas meters in the impacted area. Following this, dedicated crews will ensure the safe restoration of natural gas flow into the system. They will also conduct door-to-door safety checks and relight natural gas appliances.

For residents who may not be present during the service restoration process, door hangers will be left at their homes. These door hangers contain essential information about the outage and provide instructions to contact Columbia Gas at 1-888-460-4332. This will dispatch a service technician to restore gas service promptly.

We understand the inconvenience this situation may cause and assure residents that Columbia Gas is actively addressing the issue to ensure safety and a swift return to normal service. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.