Bitcoin Core developer lost 216 BTC in alleged hack against his wallet

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Although Dashjr offered details about the case and shared his complaint on social networks, some members of the community question his case due to certain inconsistencies.


  • Luke Dashjr lost 216 BTC stored in your personal wallet
  • Indicates that a hacker breached your security measures and accessed your funds
  • Some members of the community question his complaint
  • Losses are estimated at around USD $3.5 million

On January 1st, the developer of the bitcoincore, Luke Dashjr, revealed that he had been the victim of a hack that led to the theft of some 216 BTC hosted in his wallet, which correspond to about USD $3.5 million at the time of the announcement.

Hack the developer of the bitcoin core

The corresponding announcement was made by Dashjr himself through his Twitter account. Twitter, where he informed his followers about the robbery in question and revealed details that generated some controversy, especially considering that the funds were in his wallet and that he had used quite robust security measures to guarantee the safety of his funds.

In this regard, the message published by Dashjr reads:

My PGP key is compromised and at least a lot of my bitcoins have been stolen. I have no idea how. Please help.

As such, Dashjr indicated that to shield his walls he used a system called PGP, which provides an encryption system for confidential files. This allows the parties involved in a transaction to share elements without revealing any private key, and in the case of cryptocurrency operations, it provides an additional layer of protection to avoid security breaches.

In the following messages Dashjr reveals more details about the event, indicating that the attacker would have carried out transactions through addresses CoinJoin and that he basically took control of his funds. He made a call to fbi to request support, but in the end he resigns and indicates that all his BTC were stolen.

The doubts of the community

For many, the fact is especially striking since it occurs within the framework of the celebration of the day of self-custody of crypto funds. For three years, every January 3rd, a reminder is made to the community in general to withdraw their crypto assets from exchanges and have them in their possession.

Regarding the incident reported by Dashjr, some members of the community point out that their passwords as such were probably not compromised, but that the security breach would have been associated with other events. For example, they highlighted that at the end of last year the developer revealed that an unknown person accessed their servers and installed malware, and although they took all the corresponding precautions for the case, this might not have been enough to keep the attacker away from their public and private keys.

On the other hand, those who have been monitoring the case affirm that the data provided by Dashjr does not seem to reflect that the alleged hacker had made transactions with addresses CoinJoin, which would undermine the credibility of their claims.

And part of the most notable criticism points to the not-so-good reputation that Dashjr has been garnering in recent years. Although after what happened the developer requests donations BTC To deal with his lack of liquidity, some members of the community point out that it is not the first time that he has asked the community for support, since at least in 2021 he did something similar when he had at least 200 in his possession. BTC.

Based on all these indications, a sector of the community is inclined towards the thesis that Dashjr would be appealing to the tactic of “boating accident”. This ploy is very popular in the crypto community, as when a person claims to have lost their assets at sea, they are basically making a “false claim” to hide your funds from authorities and regulators.

Support in the midst of the crisis

Whether or not what happened was true, Dashjr’s call was heard by the community and some of it has moved to support him in various ways.

For example we have the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, who claimed that from his exchange they will be very attentive in case some of the funds stolen from the developer reach the platform. The immediate action, if this were the case, would be to block the BTC, take data from the user involved and return the assets to their original owner.

Others for their part offered donations, but Dashjr himself indicated that at the moment it would not be safe to receive them since he does not know to what level his teams and accounts could be compromised.

And finally, some personalities empathized with the person affected and regretted what happened.

Keep in mind that the developers of the bitcoin core They are people who work voluntarily to help in the development of the code of the main digital currency, so the remuneration for the work they do comes mainly from donations made by the related community.

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