CES 2022 scheduled for January 5-8, to allow in-person attendance


The pandemic, ravaging the world in the past year, has shut down many events and pushed companies to think of new ways to introduce products to the consumers.

CES, typically taking place in Las Vegas, was an all-online event this year, but in 2022 the organizers will allow in-person attendance during the conference, scheduled for January 5-8.

According to a press release, Gary Shapiro, CEO of CTA (Consumer Technology Association), is “thrilled” the CES will return to “its home of more than 40 years”, which is Las Vegas.

Plans for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to allow visitors in 2022 were always on the table, and with the current vaccination trend, it looks pretty plausible.

CES 2022 might not be the first big in-person event in the world of technology – MWC 2021 in Barcelona was swapped with Shanghai’s edition and will take place in June.

The GSMA hasn’t said anything about in-person attendance, but if Europe keeps its COVID numbers negative, we might visit Barcelona during the summer after all.


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