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The Harmony OS 2.0 is Huawei’s in-house platform that should be available by June to customers. It is already in the final stages of development, and we got a hold of a video, showcasing how the OS looks like on a Huawei Mate X2. Check it out:

At first it has a lot of similarities to Android, especially around the notification bar and how the icons are grouped and how they look. Swiping down anywhere on the home screen brings the search engine of the phone, and we expect Petal Search to be incorporated for the global devices.

The control center can be pulled down from the top right corner, while notifications come with the same gesture from the opposing side.

The apps demoed are Huawei’s understanding of Calendar and Notes, and it appears the new OS will have a different kind of widgets that will allow long-press with an upward swipe to provide more info from certain apps without opening them.

Check this video of Harmony OS 2.0 running on Huawei Mate X2

However, there are still many unknowns. We are wondering about the kernel of Harmony OS 2.0 and whether any of it is based on Android – we’ve asked Huawei representatives multiple times about it, and they always are hesitant to provide a straightforward answer, likely because the system is not fully ready and they don’t want to issue a statement ahead of time.

What we also don’t know is whether these gestures are reserved for tablets and foldable devices or we will have three types of downward swipes even on smartphones with smaller screens. There are many unknowns but there’s a hope we’ll learn about them in several months’ time.

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