Councilwoman Amanda Farías’s U-Turn: Embracing NYPD’s Essential Role in NYC Security

Where have the men gone to speak out against this? questions City Council Majority Leader Amanda Farías, as she shares a post from the council Women’s Caucus concerning the disturbing “sucker-punch a woman in the face” TikTok trend, which encourages victims to contact the NYPD.

That’s right, the NYPD that Farías (D-Bx.) has advocated to defund, constrain, and reduce in size.

During her council candidacy, she emphasized the necessity “to significantly divest from police precincts” and pledged to support “the reduction of NYPD’s operating budget and collaboration with the community to devise genuine solutions and justice for New Yorkers.”

In her tenure, Farías has stayed true to her anti-police agenda, such as aiding in overriding Mayor Adams’ veto of the anti-NYPD How Many Stops Act.

However, Farías now seeks answers from the police, not from “violence interrupters” or other “community solutions.”

Regarding the absence of male intervention: Last year, Farías lamented the “absence of justice” for Jordan Neely, the violent homeless man accidentally killed when Daniel Penny intervened to protect fellow commuters.

Despite political pressure, Penny still faces charges in that incident—a prosecution likely to make other men think twice before intervening when they witness someone assaulting a woman on the street or subway.

The “disturbing trend in violence against women” is, indeed, “reprehensible,” as the Women’s Caucus tweets.

But if Farías and her progressive colleagues aim to reverse this trend, they must first reverse everything they’ve done to undermine law enforcement and embolden lawbreakers.