Evan’s Explosive Rant: Angel Hernandez Under Fire as ‘Baseball’s Worst Umpire

Angel Hernandez once again finds himself at the center of controversy, as a series of contentious calls during Sunday’s game sparked outrage among fans, particularly those of the New York Yankees, with Gleyber Torres bearing the brunt of the disbelief.

Torres found himself at odds with Hernandez’s decision-making when he believed the pitch clock should have reset after Blue Jays pitcher Bowden Francis stepped off the mound. However, Hernandez allowed Francis to swiftly resume play, leading to Torres being called out on a strike that appeared well above the strike zone.

Watching from home, Evan expressed little surprise at the turn of events, given Hernandez’s track record. “Angel Hernandez, known as the worst umpire in baseball history, and perhaps the worst at their job in the world,” Evan remarked. “When he was behind the plate for Sunday’s game, I knew something would go awry, and people would voice their frustrations.”

Evan likened Hernandez’s actions to a dog marking its territory, suggesting that Hernandez seemed determined to assert his authority regardless of the circumstances.

The dissatisfaction didn’t end with Torres. Fans at Yankee Stadium unleashed a chorus of jeers and chants directed squarely at Hernandez, a response Evan believed was entirely justified given the umpire’s performance during the game.

Once again, Angel Hernandez’s presence on the field has sparked controversy, leaving fans and players alike questioning the integrity of the game.