Events and happenings to keep track of in 2023 (Part 2)

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We continue reviewing some of the most important events and events in the sector blockchain / cryptocurrency in progress, which to keep track of in 2023.


Ecosystem blockchain / Crypto by 2023

Next we continue with another list of important events within the ecosystem blockchain /cripto that took place during 2022. This is the second part of a couple of works carried out by DailyBitcoin For these days:

5. Twitter under the management of Elon Musk

Amid heated altercations that almost went to court, Elon Musk finally became the owner of Twitter, social network that it acquired after agreeing a payment for USD $44,000 million and in which it sees great values ​​for the future of humanity in terms of freedom of expression.

From your arrival at the address of Twitter, the company has been implementing quite controversial changes and measures. Since the return to face-to-face, going through a wave of layoffs, removal of previously held positions and the dissolution of the board of directors, perhaps what has given the most talk is the introduction of certain implementations at the operational and monetization level, such as the membership system, the general amnesty for previously blocked accounts and the changes to prevent the proliferation of bots.

With regard to crypto matters, under Musk’s management the social network was registered with the FinCEN, which implies the possible implementation of payment systems by Twitter. Various reports also indicated the alleged development of his own cryptocurrency, and although this has not yet been officially confirmed, there is a lot of enthusiasm about this possibility since the tycoon sees it as obvious that digital currencies are somehow integrated into the platform.

While Musk’s administration has been experimental and error-prone, the mogul has already made it clear that he doesn’t want to be left running. Twitter. Therefore, in recent times he assured that he is looking for a new CEO who will be in charge of directing his development and evolution, although at the moment he does not seem to have had much success choosing the right person for the position.

6. Goal and his plans for the metaverse

Another of the companies that seems to have fully focused plans on the metaverse is Goal, the parent company of the social network Facebook led by Mark Zuckerberg, which has made a significant investment in developing the idea of ​​the virtual plane as the next evolutionary step for the Internet.

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg seems to be fully convinced of his strategy focused on the development of the metaverse, these plans resulted in significant monetary losses for Meta, especially for the company responsible for this wing, Reality Labs, which was practically in the red throughout 2022 and shook the confidence of the shareholders of the parent company of Facebook, also causing a significant drop in the price of its shares on the stock market.

Leaving aside the complicated economic scenario for Goal, the company’s plans seem to involve the use of cryptocurrencies and mainly NFTs. The latter are already available through Facebook and Instagram, Social networks that allow their users to share their digital collectibles so that their followers and contacts can see them.

Although 2022 has been especially negative for Goal, The company appears to have its sights set on 2023 with a number of products and services announced/launched late last year. These include artificial intelligence developed by the company for the production of images and texts, as well as some high-end devices to facilitate user interaction with the metaverse.

7. The judgment of the sec against Ripple

With almost two years in progress, the end of the legal battle between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Y Ripple Labs It seems that it is nearing its end, and the different reports published throughout the year seem to tip the balance in favor of the solutions developer company blockchain, anticipating that the regulatory body could be very badly off if this were to occur.

The most recent reports on the legal battle indicate that Ripple Labs would have in his favor a series of internal documents belonging to the sec, in which the former director of the Finance DivisionWilliam Hinman, openly reiterates that Bitcoin nor Ethereum could qualify as securities, precisely because they are decentralized enough not to apply within the corresponding definition.

Taking as a reference what Hinman exposed, Ripple would be focusing its strategy on comparing XRP with BTC Y ETH, demonstrating that at the level of decentralization there would not be such important differences between the cryptocurrency they issued and other highly reputable ones currently in circulation. Given this, the sec It has requested that these internal documents be left out, alleging that their publication and dissemination could endanger officials, as well as compromise their freedom of opinion when discussing topics of interest within the regulatory body.

Given what is perceived as the end of the case, several analysts maintain that the sec would be looking to settle the dispute that is probably going to lose through an agreement between both parties, but it seems that Ripple He wants to take this to its final consequences and seek an official verdict, since he defends that the result of this legal case will define the fate of a large number of emblematic crypto projects for the industry.

8. Bonuses Bitcoin in El Salvador

Although the fall in the price of Bitcoin throughout this year it has affected many people and entities, the government of El Salvador has been especially in the spotlight, since critics and opponents have taken advantage of the drop to attack the ambitious state plans that have as their axis the digital currency.

One of the great promises for this year was the launch of the first bonds based on Bitcoin, a rather interesting initiative that would give much more legitimacy to the main digital currency. However, the project has been repeatedly postponed, and at the end of 2022 there were no tentative dates to finally see them operational in the local market.

Reports published in September 2022 alluded to the bonds BTC they had been delayed as a result of the same market fall, although this could also be due to the security problems facing the Central American nation, which is why the presidency, authorities, legislators and regulators have postponed said plans to give priority to other axes.

Keep in mind that the bonds BTC They are part of a quite ambitious plan for the Central American country, since part of the income would come from there to finance the development of bitcoin cityan urban project designed for the next 10 years that involves the construction of a city whose economy and operation would be fully based on digital currency.

Even though the bonds Bitcoin they have been postponed until further notice, the local government has confirmed plans to launch them in the future, but at the moment there is no tentative date.

Crypto outlook for 2023

With this group of events that occurred in 2023 we close this series. The invitation to readers is to pay close attention to what will come this year for the digital currency ecosystem and blockchainwhich has a rather interesting perspective in terms of its evolution and development.

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