Fans will be able to interact and compete in the metaverse

On Sunday, November 20, the inauguration and start of the World Cup took place, the most important sporting event in the world that takes place every four years. For this reason, LaLigaLand has created a series of initiatives so that football fans can enjoy the World Cup in the metaverse as well. The multiple dynamics about the World Cup are designed so that users can win different prizes and interact with fans from all over the world.

In the theme park, users will have a mission at their disposal that consists of finding the 10 golden balls that will be hidden around LaLigaLand.

In this mission If you manage to be one of the first 500 players to complete the mission, you get a totally free POAP. And also, all users who complete the mission are entered into a draw for a Season Pass for everything that remains LaLigaLand, giving access to unique experiences with LaLiga.

In LaLigaLand it is also available the best atmosphere of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 with the 32 flags of the teams participating in the World Cup, a personalized one that is already generating a lot of content on social networks from users.

On the social networks of LaLigaLand yesThere will also be a Quiz with a series of daily questions about the history of all the World Cups that have existed to date. The World Cup Quiz is not going to be the only thing and users will have the opportunity to predict their World Cup champion and even who will be the best player in the tournament. This is done with the aim that the community can participate, demonstrate their football knowledge and learn a series of curiosities that football lovers will not be indifferent to.

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