Fidelity files patent applications for the design of products associated with the metaverse

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Among the products listed by Fidelity they would be NFTs, platforms for trading digital collectibles, virtual real estate investment services, trading options in the metaverse, and of course the use of cryptocurrencies.


  • Fidelity wants to develop metaverse-focused products and services
  • Filed three patent applications with the USPTO
  • This would be the next step in his foray into the crypto sector

The reputed American company that manages assets and pension funds, Fidelity, filed three trademark applications for the development of products related to the metaverse, which is another step in its expansion process within the digital currency market.

According to information published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the requests recently introduced mention the NFTs, specifically to the creation of markets for the commercialization of digital collectibles, this without neglecting investment systems in virtual real estate, purchase / sale of cryptocurrencies and investment services based on the metaverse.

The next step for Fidelity

Let us bear in mind that previously, the company launched at the end of last November a new service called Fidelity Crypto, which is aimed at retail clients interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies with the support of a highly regulated entity with a proven track record.

Regarding this service, a waiting list had previously been opened for people who wished to operate before its official launch, and the beneficiaries were able to carry out their first transactions with Bitcoin Y ethereum No commissions.

a complex moment

Although this development was celebrated by enthusiasts and investors, the platform also aroused concerns from legislators in the US, since some representatives of the senate requested to Fidelity reconsider your decision and stop providing exposure to Bitcoin Y ethereum through its various products/services.

Let’s take into account that other products of Fidelity They provide users with the ability to trade cryptocurrencies. One of these empowers retirement accounts so they can invest in assets like Bitcoin, something that was criticized even by regulatory bodies more now after what happened with FTX.

Fidelity’s announcement comes at a particularly complex time for the market. Bitcoin and the main exponents of the sector register values ​​almost 70% below the historical maximums seen in November 2021, while the sector faces a crisis of confidence due to the events that occurred with FTX, which have caused regulators and legislators to put their eyes on the main exchanges to avoid similar events in the future.

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