Green Energy Buzz: Arctic Fox and Musk Metals Forge Ahead in Quebec’s Lithium Landscape

Vancouver, British Columbia – October 3, 2023 – Arctic Fox Lithium Corp. (CSE:AFX)/(FSE:O5K) is excited to announce a significant leap forward in its pursuit of lithium resources within the James Bay Region of Québec. The Company, in collaboration with Strategy Exploration Advisors (“Stratexplo”), a distinguished independent exploration consulting firm based in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, has initiated fieldwork on their lithium projects.

Stratexplo, renowned for their expertise in exploration logistics, sample collection, geological mapping, and interpretation, as well as adhering to National Instrument 43-101 collection and reporting standards, will lead this groundbreaking endeavor. Leveraging crucial data from a recent LiDAR survey, Noranda Royalties Inc.’s data compilation, and a comprehensive review by Resources Potentials Pty Ltd., Stratexplo’s field crews are strategically targeting Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum (“LCT”) pegmatites across these projects.

Arctic Fox Lithium Corp. Launches Exploration in James Bay Region for Lithium Projects”

The exploration efforts, commencing on October 2, 2023, are projected to span approximately 28 days, signifying a significant milestone in Arctic Fox Lithium Corp.’s ongoing mission to unlock the full potential of lithium resources within the James Bay Region.

This news follows closely on the heels of the exciting developments in the lithium sector, with Musk Metals Corp. embarking on its fifth exploration program for Phase 1 on its ‘Elon’ lithium project in Quebec. The innovative use of a motorized auger drill to sample beneath the surface sediments will significantly enhance the understanding of the plume dispersion in the till column in three dimensions (3D). This comprehensive approach further emphasizes the industry’s commitment to advancing lithium exploration.

In a concurrent development, Consolidated Lithium Metals Inc., previously known as Jourdan Resources, reported significant lithium content in a pegmatite field situated approximately 1000m southeast of the ‘Elon’ Property. Their findings, boasting lithium content of up to 2.38% Li2O over 0.90m and 1.33% Li2O over 5.25m, represent a promising stride in the pursuit of lithium resources. The lithium sector is indeed gaining momentum.

As Arctic Fox Lithium Corp. continues to make strides in the field, it symbolizes the commitment to drive innovation and progress in the quest for valuable lithium resources within the James Bay Region. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting exploration journey.