OnePlus Unveils Revolutionary ‘Magic Eraser’ Rivaling Google’s Tech Mastery

OnePlus continues to dance to its own tune, especially evident in its latest venture into mobile artificial intelligence with the AI Eraser. And before you jump to conclusions, no, this isn’t a mere rehash of Google’s Magic Eraser.

No, OnePlus took the bold step of crafting its own rendition, demonstrating its distinctive AI aspirations. It’s evident that the Oppo-owned company has been toiling away on the AI Eraser for quite some time now — even predating Google’s unveiling at the Pixel 6 event in March 2021 (Magic Editor made its debut a year earlier at I/O 2023).

From the depths of its press releases, it’s apparent that OnePlus meticulously built this feature from the ground up, harnessing its own proprietary large language models.

According to OnePlus’s press materials, “AI Eraser is the fruit of significant R&D investment, backed by OnePlus.” The exclusive LLM powering this new feature has undergone rigorous training on extensive datasets, enabling it to grasp intricate scenes. With its advanced visual comprehension, AI Eraser seamlessly substitutes unwanted objects with contextually fitting elements, naturally enhancing the photo’s appeal. This empowers users to effortlessly create high-quality edits anytime, anywhere.

An AI-powered eraser is undoubtedly a nifty addition, but it’s one where Google set the bar high from the get-go. Perhaps, dedicating resources to directly compete in this arena isn’t the most strategic move — especially considering the feature’s already widespread availability across iOS and Android devices via Google Photos.

Above all, this seems to be OnePlus staking its claim in what’s shaping up to be the year of the smartphone. Here’s hoping that in future endeavors, they’ll channel these resources into crafting innovations that truly set them apart from the rest.

The rollout of AI to OnePlus devices this month, commencing with the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4, signals a significant move. However, it’s worth noting that the R12-D12 won’t be part of this wave.