Rare Opportunity: David Beckham’s Low-Mileage Real Madrid Lamborghini Up for Auction

“David Beckham’s Iconic Real Madrid Era Lamborghini Heading to Auction”

A rare and exciting opportunity awaits automotive enthusiasts as an extraordinary Lamborghini, formerly owned by the legendary football icon David Beckham, is up for auction. This stunning 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, acquired during Beckham’s illustrious stint with Real Madrid, is now available to the highest bidder, albeit with a substantial price tag.

Beckham, the former England captain, cherished this automobile for at least four years, taking it back to the UK after concluding his tenure with the Spanish team and registering it at his London residence. The car’s unique paintwork and remarkably low mileage make it a highly sought-after gem for those in search of an exceptional vehicle.

Ed Callow of Collecting Cars auctioneers provided valuable insights, saying, “The Gallardo’s initial price likely hovered around £150,000, equivalent to approximately £280,000 in today’s currency. In this auction, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness the car fetching as much as £130,000, considering its remarkably low mileage and unbeatable celebrity history.”

This Gallardo, originally delivered via Lamborghini Madrid, boasts a mere 4,101 miles on its odometer. Equipped with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V10 engine producing 500PS, it sends power to all four wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift, allowing for a top speed of 192 mph.

Ed Callow adds, “It’s primed for exhilarating weekend drives and would seamlessly complement any collection of supercars.”

Beckham’s four-season tenure with Real Madrid culminated in a La Liga championship victory in his final season with the club. The auction is scheduled to close for bids on the evening of Thursday, October 5.

This Lamborghini remained a prized possession throughout Beckham’s association with the club, and he went the extra mile to import it back to the UK after joining LA Galaxy in 2007, registering it at his London address in 2008.

The car, originally valued at approximately £150,000, is now estimated to sell for around £130,000 at auction, making it a coveted item for collectors and car enthusiasts alike.

As Mr. Callow emphasizes, “It is prepared to deliver a thrilling and engaging driving experience, ideally suited for weekend adventures and a stunning addition to a broader supercar collection.”

The auction is set to conclude tomorrow evening, so automotive enthusiasts with the means should act swiftly to seize this unique opportunity.

It’s worth noting that Beckham’s automotive collection, valued at £3 million, features a range of luxury models from prestigious brands like Bentley, Porsche, and Audi. Last month, he made headlines by unveiling a bespoke Maserati model designed by himself at the opening of Maserati’s new UK store.

Despite his renowned affinity for luxury vehicles, Beckham’s automotive journey began with a 1994 VW Golf, showcasing his remarkable automotive evolution over the years.

In other automotive news, a collection of Del Boy-style Reliant Robins is now available for sale at a considerably more budget-friendly price point than the Lamborghini. Additionally, a classic Jaguar adorned with Swarovski crystals is also hitting the market, though there are certain conditions to consider.

A Lamborghini Gallardo with the unique distinction of once belonging to former professional footballer David Beckham is currently up for auction online. The V10-powered supercar was originally supplied to Beckham by Lamborghini Madrid in 2004 during his Real Madrid tenure, where he was the first proud owner of this exquisite vehicle. The Lamborghini Gallardo boasts a distinctive Italian ‘Tricolore’ stripe running down its center, setting it apart from the crowd.

Adorned with 19-inch five-spoke ‘Cassiopeia’ alloy wheels, this Gallardo features fresh Pirelli P Zero tires. The interior is elegantly appointed in black leather with contrast ‘Grigio Phoenix’ stitching, complemented by several standard features, including air conditioning, a central infotainment screen, and a switchable sport mode that enhances throttle response.

David Beckham’s name is prominently featured in the car’s documents, indicating that he paid €157,064 for this vehicle, equivalent to around £246,000 in today’s currency. Impressively, this Gallardo has only accumulated 4,101 miles, and the current seller, who listed it on the auction site Collecting Cars, confirms that the paintwork remains entirely original, with no known electrical or mechanical issues.

Presently residing in Brussels, this Gallardo has undergone a comprehensive major service at Lamborghini Brussels, including engine oil, filter replacement, and spark plug replacement, incurring a total cost of €8,000 (£6,939). Invoices detailing previous maintenance work are also provided with the vehicle.

Bidding for this iconic Gallardo currently stands at €66,500 (£57,680), with the auction’s conclusion scheduled for October 5. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a piece of automotive history once owned by one of the most celebrated footballers in the world.