Renders of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G show the phone from all angles


A few days ago we saw renders of cases for the Samsung Galaxy A22, but today OnLeaks published cleaner renders (without a case getting in the way). And there is a video too.

Note that this is specifically the 5G version of the phone – not that the 4G one will look any different, but this should be the new “cheapest 5G Samsung” once it goes official. Currently, that title is held by the A32 5G, which was the first 5G Galaxy to go under €300.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (renders by OnLeaks)
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (renders by OnLeaks)
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (renders by OnLeaks)

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (renders by OnLeaks)

From the front, the phone looks the same as the A32 5G, down to the teardrop notch (13 MP sensor). It is different from behind, however, as the camera island is square. The renders show a triple camera, while early reports suggested that there will be four modules (including a 48 MP main and 8 MP ultra wide cams).

Also notice the USB-C port and 3.5 mm headphone jack on the bottom. The A32 has them too. However, the fingerprint reader is mounted on the side, suggesting that this may be an LCD (the A32 has an OLED display with a built-in FP reader).

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is expected to be unveiled in June. In the meantime, enjoy this CGI video of the phone doing a 360º spin:

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