Biofloc fish farming complete pricing Idea

Biofloc fish farming complete pricing Idea Hello Everyone, Today We are going to Give you a detailed graph of Biofloc fish farming, How to Setup a Biofloc Fish Farming, Biofloc Fish Farming Details Construction Ideas,All Required Equipment and Machinery Feeding Details Knowledge About Biofloc Fish Farming. For Hindi Click Here Else Let’s Continue Further. Biofloc … Read more

Biofloc | What is Biofloc | Biofloc Kya He?

Biofloc What is Biofloc? It is an imaginative and financially savvy innovation in which harmful materials to the fish and shellfish, for example, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia can be changed over to helpful item, ie., proteinaceous feed. It is the innovation utilized in hydroponics framework with restricted or zero water trade under high stocking thickness, solid … Read more

Biofloc shrimp farming

Biofloc shrimp farming When the biofloc shrimp farming microbial local area is overseen appropriately, a blend of microbial measures is equipped for absorbing and cycling enormous amounts of nitrogen. This permits high densities of shrimp to be supplied into what have been called super-escalated biofloc shrimp farming frameworks. The term super-concentrated emerges from high creature … Read more