Pi network 2023 | Pi network Price | Future of Pi network

Pi Network is another digital currency for and by regular individuals that you can “mine” (or procure) from your telephone. Digital currencies are another type of advanced cash that is kept up and gotten by an area, rather than by governments or banks. Today, you can mine (or acquire) Pi by assisting with getting the money and by developing Pi’s … Read more

Pi Network Mainnet Migration and KYC Announcements | Pi Coin Mainnet Migration and KYC Announcements 2022

Previous Pi2Day Mainnet Migration and KYC Announcements Watch the full Pi2Day announcement. Read below for the Pi Network Mainnet Migration and KYC announcement on June 28th, 2022: Since the majority of the network can submit their KYC to get ready for their Mainnet migration, the network has begun the migration process to onboard KYC’ed Pioneers … Read more

Pi Mainnet Launch Details Update

Pi Mainnet Launch Pi Mainnet Launch: Pi Mainnet is now live, initiating the Enclosed Network period of the Mainnet phase where the Mainnet blockchain is firewalled to prohibit external connectivity but allows peer-to-peer and peer-to-app transfers within the enclosed network. Mainnet can be viewed in the Pi Blockexplorer. The pi wallet can now show both Testnet and Mainnet … Read more