Tense Moments: FedEx Aircraft Skids Off Runway in Chattanooga After Landing Gear Failure

Close Call: FedEx Plane Skids Off Chattanooga Runway After Landing Gear Failure”

A FedEx-operated Boeing 757 aircraft had a harrowing runway mishap in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when it skidded off the end of the runway due to a landing gear failure, according to local emergency officials.

The incident unfolded late Wednesday, and it was a close call for the three individuals on board. Thankfully, the Chattanooga Fire Department swiftly responded to the scene, ensuring that all three occupants were safe and accounted for.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced its intent to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. The FAA reported that “FedEx Flight 1376 landed with its gear up and slid into the grass at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport” around 11:45 p.m. The aircraft had originally been en route to Memphis International Airport before having to turn back.

The reporter has reached out to FedEx for additional details regarding the incident.

In response to reports of the jet experiencing landing gear issues during its final approach, emergency crews were summoned to the airport just after 11 p.m. The aircraft had to circle before making an emergency landing, and, fortunately, there was no fire detected despite some engine smoke.

The Chattanooga Fire Department commended the swift and well-coordinated efforts of the pilot, airport personnel, and all the responding agencies in managing this challenging situation.

While the incident was undoubtedly concerning, it is worth noting that no injuries were reported. A video posted by the Hamilton County EMS captured sparks as the plane touched down, but these sparks did not result in a fire.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has initiated an investigation into this “gear up landing” at the Chattanooga Airport. Due to the incident, the primary runway at Chattanooga Airport had to be temporarily closed, potentially affecting some flight schedules. The circumstances surrounding this incident serve as a reminder of the vigilance and professionalism exhibited by aviation personnel in responding to challenging situations, ensuring the safety of all involved.