Tiffin Service Business idea 2021

Tiffin Service Business idea 2021

Tiffin Service Business idea 2021
Tiffin Service Business idea 2021

Food business is one of the most Profitable business ideas in 2021. Food is a Mood Changer/Relaxation thing. When you have you launch the feeling when you had your favorite item in your meal, Exactly that mood if you provide your customers no one will stop to grow. You also know you favorite food Conner name and that mouth watering flavor.

In this busy lifestyle people are not having time to cook food and pack for their tiffing. The also tried of daily boring meal that not that testier just because then are not having time to cook.If you love food (and let’s face it. who doesn’t?) you know that the second best thing to eating food, is talking about it.

Now it’s an opportunity that you help people and this service you will provide will give you profit. This business model is now in 2021 defiantly grow. You all know Mumbai’s Dabbala-bala. Like them you will capture you city and state. You can run the same tiffing service business in a new way.

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Investment for Tiffin Service Business idea 2021 ?

  • Tiffing service is a very simple and easy business which can be start from 1- 10 lakh .
  • *Start from Small Investment Recommended

Hows it works Tiffin Service Business idea 2021 ? 

People love to eat testy, interesting & healthy food in their Tiffing Box. IF you provide different types of trendy tiffing in locality or do fulfill their tiffing needs . In that small tiffing box buy adding a Review card which will return back with the next day tiffin box. Stay tune for more details

Target business area : Job holders tiffins, School tiffin, Thali box Parcel etc

Business Model ?

Tiffin Service Business idea 2021 is a Service that you will help people and give them good food. Genuinely its a business that if you give proper service no-one will stop you to grow. Some food you make some tie-up with local. Make special tiffing and deliver.  

What You need to have ? 

·         Kitchen Facilities 

·         Tiffin Boxes (Quantity Depends upon your investment)

·         Serving Equipment 

·         kitchen Equipment 

A good cook require if you want your personal cooking food. IF you have you own kitchen you can easy cook a good food and you also maintain the quality. We recommend to cook chosen food that people like in their tiffin. Some you cook and some

tie-up with nearest source. For start up you can start with tie-up with different vendor to complete your tiffin menu. 

(There are many food coiners the now goes down just because they are old but their test is awesome. If you tie-up with them 50% of your work is done)


Make daily different recipes combo & take special order also

Every tiffin Must add a review card attach with every tiffin you sent everyday.

It will help you to know what you need to change, what you need to develop, 

You can daily send your combo details through whatsapp and they chose and book their tiffin.

It’s a booking business no worry of loss.

One Lakh is enough for this business. You don’t have to worry about the raw materials and cooking expenses because you deliver the Tiffin on other’s behalf.

How To get started ?

  • ·         Select Your Target 250 – 1200 Sq.ft
  • ·         Register your Business in DMSME/DIC/RIC
  • ·         Get a cook and a delivery guy
  • ·         Obtain Necessary Equipment

If you register your business under MSME/DIC/RIC and you will get 35% Government Subsidy. Bank Loan Facility also Available, your document will be recommended by MSME/DIC/RIC to your chosen bank for loan.

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