Unlock Adventure: Coyote & Crow’s Core Rulebook Free on Indigenous People’s Day

Coyote & Crow Gifts Free Core Rulebook on Indigenous People’s Day

In a remarkable celebration of Indigenous People’s Day on September 9th, Coyote & Crow Games unveiled a generous offer: their core rulebook for the captivating pen-and-paper RPG, Coyote & Crow, is available for free download for a limited time. While the publisher extends a special invitation to Indigenous community members to embrace this opportunity, enthusiasts eager to enrich their collection with the $70 core rulebook are encouraged to contribute an amount they find fitting. The PDF downloads can be easily accessed through the publisher’s website, which also offers a donation platform for those wishing to contribute monetarily.

Coyote & Crow immerses players in an alternate history where the colonization of North America never occurred. Instead, it envisions a flourishing civilization of indigenous peoples spanning the continent. Since its debut last year, the game has flourished with additional captivating adventures crafted by a talented team of Native American and First Nations writers.

To further champion this indigenous developer, individuals can explore their online store, featuring an array of accessories, supplementary literature, and merchandise intricately tied to the immersive tabletop role-playing world of Coyote & Crow.

This exceptional opportunity to delve into the rich storytelling and culture of Coyote & Crow is a testament to the publisher’s commitment to celebrating Indigenous People’s Day and fostering community engagement.