VitaDAO Launches Matrix Biosciences: Pioneering Life Extension and Cancer Treatment

VitaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) committed to advancing early-stage longevity research, is venturing into the biotech arena. Today, they proudly announce the establishment of Matrix Biosciences, an ambitious partnership with world-renowned biologist Vera Gorbunova, aimed at pioneering cutting-edge science in the treatment of cancer and age-related diseases.

Vera Gorbunova, a distinguished professor at the University of Rochester known for her discovery of cancer-resistant traits in the naked mole-rat, will lead the charge in Matrix Biosciences’ mission.

Todd White, a core member of VitaDAO, emphasized the essence of bridging the gap between decentralized research and real-world applications. Matrix Biosciences, while central in its operations, stands as a testament to the integration of blockchain technology with the biotech industry.

Unlike VitaDAO’s decentralized nature, Matrix Biosciences will function as a conventional company, with VitaDAO as the majority shareholder. This strategic move ensures accountability through quarterly reports, aligning with established investment structures.

White also emphasized proactive engagement with regulators, acknowledging the stringent legal landscape of medicine and healthcare. In an industry often marred by reputational risks, VitaDAO and Matrix Biosciences are determined to demonstrate their commitment to responsible innovation.

Eleanor Davies, another core member of VitaDAO, shed light on the mission’s cutting-edge focus. Matrix Biosciences will delve into research on the naked mole-rat, renowned for its abundance of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMW-HA), known for its anti-cancer, anti-pain, and pro-longevity properties. This research will pave the way for innovative applications in cancer treatment and age-related diseases in humans, closely aligned with VitaDAO’s mission.

The funding mandate of Matrix Biosciences is crystal clear—to support “moonshot bleeding-edge research” that often falls outside the purview of traditional funding sources like the National Institutes of Health or venture capital. Their goal is nothing less than creating the next blockbuster therapeutic solution.

VitaDAO, backed by contributors including Pfizer Ventures, is making an initial investment of $300,000 into Matrix Biosciences. The venture’s unique IP-NFT fractionalization model ensures a pathway to additional capital infusion.

Today’s launch sends a resounding message to the biotech community—VitaDAO and Matrix Biosciences are fully committed to pushing the boundaries of science and innovation in the pursuit of life extension and groundbreaking cancer treatments.