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Budweiser Stocks Up for Beer Drinking Bonanza of Qatar World Cup

November7, 2022


The signs started appearing early this year: At the Qatar Distribution Company — the only alcohol retailer in the 

conservative Muslim country — a massive poster with Budweiser branding featuring Lionel Messi was plastered across the entrance.  

Then more of Doha’s bars and restaurants started offering Budweiser on tap, a new choice in a city of Heineken draughts. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide has operated within the confines of Qatar’s strict alcohol laws for years without fanfare.  

Now executives are delicately seeking to maximize the return on investment of Budweiser’s World Cup sponsorship contract, 

in a place with where local Qatari officials came close to barring alcohol from the tournament events entirely. 

Stocking up for the FIFA 2022 World Cup, which starts Nov. 20, has been a monumental undertaking for the World Cup’s official beer. 

The beverage brand expects more beer will be consumed during the tournament than would typically happen during an entire year in the country, 

according to Peter Kraemer, AB InBev’s chief supply officer.