November9, 2022

New cast of royal series 'The Crown' say viewers know it is a drama

LONDON (Reuters) - The new cast of "The Crown" premiered the upcoming season of the hit Netflix series on Tuesday, 

insisting viewers know it's a drama and do not need a disclaimer for its fictionalised storylines. 

The award-winning show, which follows the reign of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, returns for a fifth season on Wednesday, 

portraying the royals in the 1990s, when they faced marital upsets, public dissent and a fire at Windsor Castle. 

It has drawn criticism and calls for disclaimers over its dramatised storylines. Some commentators have voiced concern over its airing just two months 

after Elizabeth's death and the impact it could have on her son Charles' reign. 

Netflix describes "The Crown" as "fictional dramatization", inspired by real events. "Everyone has watched 'The Crown' for four seasons,

hasn’t bothered them before," actor Imelda Staunton, who plays Elizabeth in season five, told Reuters. 

"I think the audience will be comforted by just spending time with these people again."