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Call of Duty: Mobile players have been complaining about a surprise nerf to sliding in the game. To recall, sliding is considered by many to be a very effective tactic as it allows players to reduce the size of their hitbox, while also slightly increasing their speed. However, players note that the move was not working the way it was supposed to. Many assume that the move was nerfed in one of the recent updates.

The developers have since clarified that the ‘nerf’ to sliding was not intentional. Rather, it is a bug that will be addressed. The devs note that the interruption in sliding is a bug. So is the reduction in speed while aiming. Other movement-related bugs include the sliding aim animation. Finally, the devs note that the reduction in speed immediately when ‘ADS-ing’ instead of after ADS completes is also a bug.

The developers noted that they are testing some changes related to the ‘drop shot’ skill. This is the tactic that sees players immediately go prone and continue firing at an enemy. This greatly reduces the player’s own hitbox, giving them a tactical edge at the cost of mobility.

SKS Marksman Rifle is coming soon to Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has also assured players that the new SKS Marksman Rifle will be released next week. The developers state that the weapon will release via a new challenge called the BR Buff event. Judging by the name, the challenge will center around Battle Royale-based tasks. It should be noted that the weapon is already in the game, but is only available during the Battle Royale mode.

The other weapon added to Call of Duty: Mobile in the Season 1 update was the FR. 556 assault rifle. Anyone can acquire the weapon by reaching Tier 21 of the free battle pass. You can learn more about the two new weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile here.


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