DotPe’s Digital Showroom registers 4.5 million users in four months


NEW DELHI: Digital Showroom, an app that helps businesses start selling online, has registered 4.5 million merchants on its platform in four months.

Available on both Android and iOS, Digital Showroom is reimagining how India does commerce by allowing SMBs to take their business online in 15 seconds at no cost. Merchants have to enter their store name, number, and address to create their online store. Once the online store is created, Digital Showroom gives the merchants access to a complete suite of solutions that includes free catalog listing, taking orders digitally, social media marketing tools, and online payment solutions.

Commenting on how Digital Showroom is empowering businesses, Shikha, Founder of Earthiness, in a statement said, “I was very passionate about making chemical-free products for mothers like me. But from dreaming to doing was a big leap that Digital Showroom helped me take. I started very small but when the country was under lockdown, I realized my business had to evolve. I had to find more ways than relying on Instagram DMs to get orders. The app helped me run my business through the pandemic. I could just send a link to the customer and they can go through all products, their description, and order without any hassle. And the best part is an instant payment, the money comes directly into your account.”

The platform was launched in September 2020 by the offline-to-online commerce platform DotPe. Since its launch, it has been giving entrepreneurs from over 8000+ cities in India a new lease on life.

Commenting on this rapid growth trajectory, Shailaz Nag, Co-founder, DotPe, said, “The rapidly increasing merchant install rate on our platform is a testament to the fast-evolving commerce landscape in India. Merchants are seeing the value in having their own digital storefront. Knowing that merchants across diverse business categories are finding Digital Showroom to be very lucrative and hassle-free, is a great validation of our efforts. We foresee empowering over 70 million merchants to connect with over 1.3 billion potential customers.”

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