Apple Event: How to watch the “Spring Loaded” keynote live


Apple, later today, will host its first event for 2021 labelled ‘Spring Loaded’. The company is expected to announce a host of new products at the event – including new iPad models. The event could also see the announcement of a release date for iOS 14.5. In this article, we tell you how to follow and watch the event live.

The easiest way to watch the Apple event live is to click the embedded live stream link below. In fact, you can do so right here without ever having to leave this page.

The other options you have to watch the event live are as follows

Apple “Spring Loaded” event timings

Depending on where you live, the timings of the Apple Spring Loaded event will change. Here are the timings for USA, UK, and India

  • PST: 10 AM
  • EST: 1 PM
  • UK: 6 PM
  • India: 10:30 PM

What to expect from the “Spring Loaded” Apple Event

As mentioned earlier, Apple is expected to introduce new, iPad models at this event and could also talk about its upcoming iOS 14.5.

As for the rest, speculation is rife and self-proclaimed tech preachers and Nostradamus have been able to predict that Apple would go further by finally announcing AirTags for example. 

A new iMac, which we know Apple is working on, with a reworked design inspired by the old colorful Macs and especially a new Apple Silicon chip has also been mentioned. But apart from an enigmatic tweet from journalist Mark Gurman, the Apple man from Bloomberg media, there’s not much to go on.

In any case, we’ll all know soon enough at 7 pm this Tuesday night. NextPit will be bringing you a recap of Apple’s announcements in a separate story. So do watch this space!

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