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The Gravity Vortex Gun is the newest Operator Skill added to Call of Duty: Mobile. The skill equips the player with a large weapon that acts more like a rocket launcher. The Gravity Vortex Gun is a part of the free Battle Pass, and it can be unlocked by anyone. All players need to do is reach Tier 14 of the pass. Reaching that shouldn’t be much of an issue if the player can play daily regularly.

Like other Operator Skills, it has been designed to devastate opponents and give players a massive boost. To make the most of the weapon, it needs to be used correctly.

Make your shots count


The Gravity Vortex Gun only gives you two shots, so it is vital to make those shots count. Each shot will release a gravity vortex that will suck players in towards it. After a few seconds, the vortex will implode and cause explosive damage. Reports suggest that the rounds can be destroyed by a Trophy System, but we were unable to test this out for ourselves.

Fire at the ground


Players should note that the gravity vortex will only open when the round hits a solid surface. This means that it can be quite easy to overshoot and miss your intended target, As such, players will have to aim the weapon slightly towards the opponents feet in order to hit them.

Not quite as useful in the open


The gravity vortex created by the weapon is pretty inconspicuous. As such, the Operator Skill loses some of its effectiveness out in the open. That’s because people see the vortices from pretty far off and give them a wide berth. So it’s advisable to not use the weapon in open areas.

Devastating in enclosed spaces


The Gravity Vortex Gun is best used in enclosed spaces like rooms, or corridors. The resulting vortex will suck in pretty much every enemy in the room, and will practically clear it for you. Just be careful as the vortex might just suck you in too.

Know when to equip it


The Gravity Vortex Gun seems to be ideal for certain maps and game modes. Small maps like Shipment 1944 and the new Reclaim map seem ideal for the weapon. However, the Operator Skill is especially useful in game modes like Hardpoint and Headquarters as these game modes see opponents huddled close together in enclosed spaces. Just the sort of thing that will happen in these game modes.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of the Gravity Vortex Gun. Of course, this isn’t the only new addition in the latest Season 1 New Order update of Call of Duty: Mobile. The update also includes two new weapons, and you can learn more about those here.


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