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Garena Free Fire has released two new lucky draws for players. This includes the Cobra Spin and a new Weapon Royale. Both these draws give players the chance to win even more cool items for their in-game character. This ranges from new weapon skins, to outfits and more. Players should keep in mind that all these spins will cost in-game diamonds, so players will have to spend real-world money to participate.

Garena Free Fire: Cobra Spin

The Cobra Spin in Garena Free Fire gives players the chance to win the Legendary Cora Skin Katana

The Cobra Spin gives players the chance to win a Katana with the Legendary Cobra skin. There is also a chance to win the Cobra Sprinter Bundle. Other prizes include the Ottero pet , Rainbow Dash skin for the Amphibious Quad, Titanium Gun box and more. A single spin will cost users 20 in-game diamonds. They can buy 10 spins in one go for 180 diamonds. Buyers can also buy a Special Spin for 40 diamonds. This triples the chance of winning the grand prize.

The Cobra Spin will be available till February 21.

Weapon Royale: AWM – Lucky Koi 

Garena Free Fire’s new Weapon Royale gives players the chance to earn the AWM – Lucky Koi sniper rifle . The weapon offers a much greater rate of fire along with improved armor penetration. However, this is balanced out with a slower reload speed. Aside from this, the weapon royale also features a number of other weapon skins and in-game items like Bonfires, Resupply Map, Scan and more.

Garena Free Fire will also be offering its new Shirou character for free next week. All players will have to do is log into the game on Feb 27 to get the character for free. You can learn more about the character here .


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