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It’s been a while since Facebook decided to ‘detach’ the Messenger feature from the Facebook app and forced users to switch to the dedicated Facebook Messenger app. While most of us have more or less adjusted to this forced change, the messenger app does come with a major flaw. You cannot sign out of Facebook Messenger. Well, you can but Facebook has made it inherently difficult to do so. Well, fret not! Because we are here to help you get around this annoying problem. 

Read on to find out how to log out of Messenger on Android, iOS or from your computer.

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How to log out of Messenger on Android and iOS

There are two methods of logging out of Facebook Messenger on Android: clear Facebook Messenger app data from within your device Settings, or log out of the Messenger session from the Facebook app. The first procedure works on Android phones while the second option can be used by iPhone/iOS users.

Let us now take a look at each of these steps.

Clear Messenger app data in Settings (For Android users only)

To log out of Facebook Messenger, you need to go into the Settings of your Android device.

  • Close the app if you have it open, and get rid of it from your recent apps list, otherwise, this trick won’t work.
  • In Settings, scroll down to the Apps or Application Manager, and scroll down until you see Messenger.
  • Tap on this, scroll down, and find Storage & cache.
  • After opening Storage select Clear Storage. There also should be a Clear Cache option, which we suggest you use too

Now when you go back to tap on Messenger in your app drawer, you should see that it won’t log you in automatically. 

Pro tip: If someone else wants to use your phone to check their Facebook messages while you’re still logged in, they just need to tap Switch Account to sign into their own account.

Note that this little trick will delete all the data that your Messenger application had saved: so it will be back to a state when it was freshly installed. But like we mentioned earlier, the application ‘remembers’ your Facebook account.  If you do not want even your account to be displayed here, you will need to repeat the same step – this time, however, with the main Facebook app.

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Log out of Facebook Messenger using these simple steps!/ © NextPit

Log out of Messenger session from the Facebook app (Android and iOS users)

If you’ve got Messenger on your phone, chances are good that you’ve got the Facebook app as well. From the Android Facebook app, tap the More button on the top right (which should appear as three lines), then go to Settings and Privacy, followed by Settings. There you should see Account settings and Security. Scroll down to Security and select Security and login. You’ll see a section called Where you’re logged in, then just select the Messenger session and tap Log Out.

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How to log out of messenger using the Facebook app/ © NextPit

Following a recent update, you can access these same settings from within Facebook Messenger. To do this, please follow these steps.

  • Open Facebook Messenger and tap on your profile picture.
  • Scroll down to ‘Account settings’ and then tap ‘security & sign-in’ from where you can sign out.
Facebook Messenger Logout
Now you can logout of Facebook Messenger from within the app itself – even though the steps aren’t that straightforward/ © NextPit

How to log out of the Messenger app from the Facebook website

You can log out of the iOS or Android Messenger apps from the Facebook website, from your PC, or your mobile phone’s browser. Go to and navigate to Security and Login, then find the section called Where You’re Logged In. Find the Messenger session you’d like to log out of, click the three dots on the right, then click Log Out.

Logout Facebook Messenger
You can also logout of Facebok Messenger from your browser/ © NextPit

These workaround methods can be a bit annoying to deal with, but they work. Facebook doesn’t seem keen to change the situation and make it any easier. If you are annoyed by Facebook in general, you might want to consider giving it the boot and trying one of these Facebook alternatives.

What do you think of Facebook’s decision to make Messenger a separate app? Does it annoy you that there’s no log-out button? Let us know in the comments.

This article was last updated in April 2021. Older comments have been retained


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