Our five free and paid Android apps of the week


Another weekend is here and it is time I share with you my app selections for this week. As always, I share interesting apps that I found out over the weekday. Note that this selection includes both iOS and Android apps carefully chosen from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The thing with this list of apps is that I make sure these are decent apps that do not try to siphon off your data or entrap you into a web of microtransactions.  In addition to apps I found myself, there are some suggestions from members of our NextPit community!

Cultivate: To stay always on track

Cultivate is an extremely simple self-motivation app. You create a virtual plant to which you associate something – a goal, or an activity – that is important to you.

Once your plant is created and named, you can choose how often you want to “water” it and especially how often. Watering is simply tapping your plant. Each watering represents progress or an accomplishment, even the smallest, towards the task or goal associated with the plant.

I really like the offbeat feel of this app, which is not meant to be a productivity app, a task planner or other anxiety-provoking solutions. There is no need for an account, and the app is free, no ads, no in-app purchases and requires no authorizations.

I would have liked to have a notification function, to remind me to water my virtual plants and thus encourage me to pursue my goals. But maybe that would be too contradictory with the zen and soothing side of Cultivate.

5 apps week 14 cultivate
Cultivate your productivity / © NextPit

You can download the Cultivate app from the Google Play Store.

Hashly, to keep your links

Hashly is a bookmarking app to keep and share your links. Admittedly, the concept is not innovative since there are a myriad of similar applications. But I find the interface of Hashly very nice since it presents links in a very visual way – with a preview.

You just have to copy/paste a URL, and then you can then preview the link, and associate a tag to it. The application also offers an archive and bookmark function.

The application requires a Google account but it is not mandatory, I guess this option is simply there to allow you to export your catalogue of links from one device to another and have a back-up on Google Drive. No ads or in-app purchases and no permissions either.

5 apps week 14 hashly
Hashly’s interface is neat and very visual / © NextPit

You can download the Hashly application from the Google Play Store.

Year Progress Widget

Year Progress Widget is, as its name suggests, a widget that lets you keep tabs on how much the current year has progressed. That’s it. No, really! I have nothing else to say about this application.

Ok. No. I was lying.

Well, the idea behind the app is to help you step back from your daily routine and put the moment in context. Wow, the year 2021 is already 27% underway but have I accomplished 27% of my goals? It’s day 99 of 2021, so 60 more days and I’ll take a week off.

Between us, I would avoid rationalizing to this extent an application that does not offer anything more than what it puts in front of you. And that’s not bad. Obviously, Year Progress Widget costs 1.09 euros (instead of 1.99 €), without ads or in-app purchases or account and offers 3 types of tiles

  • an elapsed days counter
  • a percentage of days elapsed
  • a year counter with percentage, day progress and visualization of all the days elapsed and remaining
5 apps week 14 year progress widget
Year Progress Widget is the progress bar of the game of life / © NextPit

You can download the Year Progress Widget app from the Google Play Store.

Proday, the triforce of productivity

Proday is a productivity and personal development app that encourages you to break down your schedule into three types of activities: physical, mental and social.

The goal is to complete at least one activity of each type. The app suggests you choose colour-coded tasks. Once you have selected your three tasks, they are represented in the form of a pie chart.

Proday also offers a history of all your completed tasks according to their type. This allows you to see if there is an imbalance (not enough physical activity, for example) and possibly correct your schedule. The app also sends you a daily notification.

Proday is free, with no ads, no in-app purchases, no account and no authorization required. The interface is nice to look at, ergonomic and quick to use. I find the concept really nice.

5 apps week 14 proday
The basic concept of Proday is really interesting / © NextPit

You can download the Proday application from the Google Play Store.

A Way To Smash

A Way To Smash is a fighting game that mixes turn-based, strategy and puzzle elements. What you need to know is that you play as a character who fights several enemies at once.

The combat is turn-based, like a game of chess. You can only attack one enemy per turn. Simply scan the screen to select the enemy in question and then double-tap on it. Each blow is fatal, no question of having a life bar, including for you.

All the interest of the gameplay lies in the fact that each time you attack and kill an enemy, the others continue to advance one step towards you. And when one of them reaches you, it’s game over. You must therefore choose your targets and especially your movements carefully to avoid exposing yourself to an attack.

The game is free but contains in-app purchases to unlock more movement options (pay-to-win). Graphically, I find it very nice with a rather abstract style in Canson collage/cutting mode and the animations are very fluid.

You can download A Way To Smash from the Google Play Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you been able to try any of the apps on this list yet? What would be your apps of the week? Share your opinions and especially your good tips in the comments! If you’re looking for a particular type of application, don’t hesitate to let me know so I can orient my research and selection according to your needs! Yours faithfully.


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