Pi Network Launch | Pi App Engine Demo | PI Developer Portal

Pi Network Launch | Pi App Engine Demo | PI Developer Portal
Pi Network Launch | Pi App Engine Demo | PI Developer Portal 10

Pi Network Launch | Pi App Engine Demo | PI Developer Portal

Today we’re launching the Pi App Engine for developers who want to build and deploy Pi apps — especially Ecosystem apps — using Pi Core Team’s scalable server infrastructure. Tap the Read More button in the home screen and check out our Hackathon workshop videos where two Core Team members will show you how to utilize the Developer Portal and Pi App Engine.

When will the Pi digital currency enter the cryptographic money market?

The Pi digital currency will dispatch during stage 3 of the Pi network advancement. The date of delivery has not been reported. All things considered, it will be dictated by how the testing stage advances and the posting of the computerized money on the digital currency market trades.

Details Videos Given Bellow Do watch the video of Pi Demo App

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Overview of Pi App Engine

Pi App Engine is a cloud computing platform as a service for developing and hosting Pi applications in Pi-Core-Team-managed cloud servers. Applications are sandboxed and run across multiple servers using open-source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Every verified developer can try the app engine in development mode. Once the app is complete and selected based on Core Team criteria, it will be hosted on production mode for free. The difference between Development mode and Production mode is that the development environment can only support a handful of test users and is meant for testing and developing new apps, whereas the production mode can support tens of millions of users, deploying on thousands of CPUs Pi App Engine Demo.

If you’re a developer, remember to also watch the workshop videos on the home screen. In today’s Hackathon workshop, @Lyriaaw demonstrates how to start creating an app from the Pi Developer Portal. If you want to tap into Core Team’s server infrastructure when building your app, Hugo will show you how to use the Pi App Engine to do so Pi App Engine Demo.

Developers/User can also find the two workshop videos on our YouTube:

Pi Hackathon Workshop – Intro

PI Developer Portal

Pi App Engine Demo

This is a new prototype where Pioneers can propose Pi Apps ideas for the future Pi Blockchain, join projects and engage other Pioneers to join projects. KYC’ed Pioneers can donate Pi in support of a specific published project. The donated Pi will only be distributed if the projects come to fruition. The Brainstorm app will initially publish project proposals for ecosystem apps (Type 2), and later business apps (Type 1).

Pi Demo App Project roles

Each project usually contain the following roles:

Admins: For ecosystem app proposals, admins can approve team members and edit the project description. For business apps, the role of admins is assumed by the leaders of the project.
Business: People who would like to contribute to the business side of the project, such as marketing, operations, communication, pioneer engagement and support, etc..
Developers: People who would like to contribute technical skills to building of the project, such as engineers, designers etc..

Pi Network White paper

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