Pi Tech And Product Update – October 2021 | Pi Network Tech & Product Update – October 2021

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Pi Tech & Product Update
Pi Tech & Product Update

Pi Tech And Product Update – October 2021

Curious about what the Pi Core Team is working on behind the scenes before Mainnet? Look no further we’re releasing monthly tech and product updates that will be posted around the beginning of each month with an overview of the previous month’s work. These updates will focus on Pi’s technology updates and product highlights to show the Pi Core Team’s completed and ongoing efforts in developing our product, but this will not be a complete list of all work done by the Core Team during that period (e.g. minor or routine tech updates, community, operations or general business work).

Overall this October, the Core Team spent a significant amount of time rolling out new and updated product features in the Pi Ecosystem, including our new KYC App Pilot and Block Explorer. More detailed updates are as follows.

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Pi Tech and Product Update

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Pi Network KYC

  • Developed, tested with community moderators, and deployed KYC App Pilot on a limited basis to start the process of verifying Pioneers and to improve the app’s usability and machine automation
  • Pi Block Explorer
    • Developed and deployed the Pi Block Explorer that can help Pioneers see transaction history and explore transaction data such as sender, receiver, amount. See it live at https://minepi.com/blockexplorer/
    • Access it within Pi Browser by clicking on the blockchain.pi tile on the Pi Browser Home Screen
  • Pi Browser
    • Deployed updated Pi browser to version 1.4
      • Functionality update for deep link embedding
      • Pioneers can place pi:// deep links which will redirect to Pi Browser without needing to open Pi Browser manually
  • Pi Platform
    • Designing Demo App for developers to see Pi SDK and API implementations
    • Developing additional payment flow documentation for community-sought functionalities
    • Designing and architecting future APIs of the platform
    • Designing video playback integration for embedded videos
  • Pi Wallet
    • Designing push notifications to alert Pioneers when they receive a payment on the blockchain
    • Developed bug fix for Android users who could not see their wallet passphrase
  • Brainstorm app
    • Launched a redesigned app displaying Hackathon winners, showcasing an improved UI
    • Improved tag functionality for users to create custom tags on their projects
    • Deployed feature that allows projects to upload logos to their brainstorm page
  • Pi Nodes
    • Deployed resolution for “Nodes Not Syncing” error
  • Infrastructure
    • Developed and deployed database scaling initiatives to improve throughput
  • Pi General Improvements
    • Developing automated email verification for accounts
    • Deployed additional security and tracking features for moderators to assist with content moderation
    • Deployed fix for removing members from Earning Team Chats – Chat creators will now be able to remove Pioneers from their Earning Team Chats

Pi Tech And Product Update – October 2021

Shockingly, we needed to exclude a couple of promising applications since they neglected to meet the rules in both of two angles above. To all Hackathon members, kindly don’t lose heart on the off chance that you didn’t win. More freedoms will be accessible before very long. We will keep on offering help, direction, and more engineer projects to assist designers with prevailing in the Pi environment.

For the Business application class, we have chosen 3 champs and 4 noteworthy notices that met the above models. Because of fewer entries in the Ecosystem application class, not all triumphant seats are filled. All unawarded assets in this hackathon, particularly in the biological system application classification, will be utilized to help application groups in future engineer programs before very long. We need all present and future groups to succeed, and we might want to help them as well as could be expected.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the champs are not destined to be recorded on the Pi App Directory inside the Pi Browser. Remember that hackathons ordinarily bring about models or least practical items (MVP), it actually sets aside time and exertion for groups to improve and alter their items to arrive at creation level guidelines. Our determination of recorded applications in the Pi App Directory will have its own different cycle, and we’ll keep on directing these Hackathon groups to improve and adjust to arrive.

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