Every episode of ‘The Office’ will be free on Peacock for one week


You might not be thrilled that NBCUniversal’s Peacock snatched The Office from Netflix, but you’ll have at least one opportunity to marathon the series without considering another subscription. Variety reports that Peacock is streaming every episode of The Office for free for one week starting March 18th, including new “Superfan” episodes (that is, with added footage) and behind-the-scenes videos.

To date, only the first two seasons of The Office have been available to watch for free (with ads) on Peacock. You’ve had to pay to unlock the remaining seven and their extras.

The freebie lines up with the 16th anniversary of the US show’s March 24th, 2005 premiere and includes a contest that encourages you to share tributes to the series on Instagram and Twitter.

There’s not much mystery to NBCU’s plan — this could boost Peacock viewership by reminding everyone where The Office went. It might also encourage existing viewers to pay for a Premium or Premium Plus subscription to keep watching the exploits at Dunder Mifflin. If nothing else, it’ll help you revisit a favorite episode or story arc.

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