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Since our team updates this list twice every week, there are chances some of the apps below might have changed their status back to ‘paid’ by the time you read this. If you do come across such a scenario, do let us know about the same in the comments below. Additionally, if you know of any apps that are currently free and worth mentioning, let me know in the comments.

Pro-tip: If you come across an interesting app in the list below, but you don’t need it now, we suggest you install it anyway and then remove it from your phone. If you do this, you will be exempt from paying for the app the next time you install it – even if the app is not free. 

While some of these apps are temporarily free to download, do note that some of these have in-app purchases involved. 

Free Android Apps

Download free apps from the Google Play Store!

ProShot ($4.99): With a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store, ProShot is exactly what it says. It is a ‘Pro Level’ app for people looking for greater control over smartphone photography. The UI is easy to use. Worth trying out – especially now that it is temporarily free! 

Simpan – Note various needs ($2.99): This is a minimalistic note-taking app that claims to be easy to use and safe. The app supports data backup and export features and is available in 13 languages. 

Digital Dashboard GPS Pro ($0.99): If you like to record your trips by car or bike, this app can help. The user interface, however, could have been better. This app was on the list last week as well and is still free.

X Launcher ($0.99): This launcher got in here for being free, of course, but also for reminding us a lot of Google’s Nexus UI. It is a nice trip down memory lane for those of you who feel nostalgic. Free since last week!

Diamond – Icon Pack ($1.49): Well, this is an icon pack that supports multiple launchers, including the most famous ones out there. The app is rated 4.2 stars on the Google Play Store but only has 190 reviews. Keep that in mind!

Audio Recorder by Appntox ($0.99): A simple audio recording app. The highlight feature is support for multiple colour themes. You get three recording formats: M4a, Wav, and 3gp. Reviews are fairly decent (4.1 stars)

Free Android Games

Download free games from the Google Play Store

Monkey GO Happy ($0.99): Monkey GO Happy used to be a flash game from the early 2000s. Now it has been compiled for Android and is currently available for free. There are 75 stages, and the game is not only ad-free but also happens to be free of in-app purchases 

Shadow of Naught – An Interactive Story Adventure ($2.99): A very unusual game with interactive gameplay and emotive storytelling. I found the music soothing to my ears as well. Rated 4.3 stars!  

Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri Tower PV ($3.49): I don’t know about you, but in moments of boredom, I appreciate it when I have a simple game to focus on. And for that, there’s nothing better than a classic Solitaire game! Still free from last week! 

Chicken Tournament ($1.00): A retro-styled FPS developed by a single guy. The animations aren’t great, but once you get used to the controls, it is fun. Definitely worth downloading.  

New Math Puzzles for Geniuses 2021 ($0.99): Are you the brainy kind always in search of new math puzzles? This app contains 180 puzzles for you to solve. Has over 100,000 downloads and a somewhat OK 3.9-star rating. 

[VIP]Missile Dude RPG: Offline tap tap Missile ($1.99): As per reviews, this is a fun RPG that is only marred by ads and in-app purchases. Worth a download anyway now that it is temporarily free.  

Superhero Fruit Premium: Robot Wars Future Battles ($0.99): A decent game with good graphics, smooth gameplay. The music might get annoying after a while, though. Contains ads and in-app purchases 

WindWings Space shooter, Galaxy attack (Premium) ($1.99): A fantasy game based on a story about a soldier who accidentally went through a time gap to the future. The reviews are mixed. Oh, and there are ads and in-app purchases. 

Word Quest PRO ($1.99): A simple game where the objective is to create as many unique English words as possible. There are two modes: Challenge and Relax. No in-app purchases or ads. 

The Most Expensive Runner Game That No One Buys ($0.99): I am not kidding. This is the actual name of this game. It is a simple runner game where you need to avoid the obstacles and keep moving forward. I liked it! 

Free iOS Apps

Productivity and personalization apps free for a limited period

ProShot ($5.99): We talked about ProShoot for Android in this article earlier. Turns out iOS users can also download this app for free right now! 

CM: Contraction Timer/Monito‪r ($2.99): This is an a to keep track of labour contractions. It is really easy to use and has good ratings on the App Store. 

Logo, Card & Design Creato‪r‬ (for iPad) ($1.99): Design a new logo and card design right from the confines of your iPad. 

LetSketc‪h‬ ($0.99): A simple yet powerful sketching app with hordes of features. Users also say it is very easy to use. Rated 4.3 stars.  

Epica 2 Pro – Monster Camera ($0.99): This suggestion is for the whole family – primarily because it’s super fun. With this app, you can use different masks and effects on photos and share them with your friends right on your iPhone. The paid version, which is free today, has no ads or watermarks. Was also on our list last week!  

Mirror for Samsung Smart TV ($4.99): An app for folks who own Samsung TVs to stream movies, photos, and apps from your iPhone or iPad to a Samsung TV. Free from last week.

Midori ($9.99): A Japanese dictionary to call your own! Whether you want to learn a new language or just want to get adventurous with new words, Midori is free right now! Tell others about it! Free from last week.

Widgets Kin‪g‬ ($4.99): Widgets King claims to be the one-stop-shop for customising your iPhone home screen. There are loads of ready-made widgets, easy to use widgets that can be customized as per your needs. Has in-app purchases. 

7 Minute Workout: Lose Weigh‪t‬ ($2.99): An app that can possibly be a good addition to your fitness regimen.Has more than 35 exercises with video and audio guidance. The app does have in-app purchases. 

Colorscape – color your photo‪s ($6.99): No, this is not an app to colourize your black and white photos. What this does let you do, however, is to turn your photos into outlines that you can ‘re-paint’ with colours of your choice. You can even print these outlines and colour them manually. 

MarineTraffic – Ship Trackin‪g‬ ($4.99): Post the Suez Canal mishap, everyone seems to be interested in tracking ships. That’s exactly what you can do with this app! 

Free iOS Games

These games are free on the iOS App Store for a short period!

StoryToys Haunted House ($2.99): StoryToys Haunted House is a game that involves macabre scenarios and mysterious activities. It looks like a fun pastime and is well designed. Was on our list last week as well! 

Office Story ($3.99): This one is for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Office Story is a software company simulation game in which you can build your own business empire and spread your offices around the world! Continues to be free since last week 

Verita‪s‬ ($4.99): A first-person point and clock game, Veritas is a narrative puzzle game that has elements of mystery and discovery sprinkled in abundance. Has in-app purchases. 

Chimp Fu Syllable‪s ($2.99): An app directed at kids, this can be used to learn the secrets of syllables and can help young students improve their reading and spelling skills. 

Chronology – Deluxe Edition ($2.99): We all know we cannot go back and fix the mistakes we have done in the past. This game, however, lets you somewhat similar. Solve puzzles by going back and forth in time.

Action Puzzl‪e($2.99): Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzles? Well, you will love this one because this game takes jigsaw puzzles a step further. Instead of a static image, the puzzle involves moving images that need to be correctly placed.  

Ship It ($0.99): A nice game for those who love ships. Your job is to move across the docks and load as many ships as possible with cargo. You need to match the cargo with the right kind of ship. 

Ninjas Infinity ($8.99)‬: An action-packed 2D infinity action game with a lot of obstacles to overcome. The obstacles range from evil ninjas and monsters to demi-humans and zombies.  

Chef Umam‪i‬ ($2.99): Prepare delicious meals for your customers using dozens of different ingredients and kitchenware. Fulfill their order in the way they want, or give your meal your own creative spin. 

Bubble Tower 2 ($2.29): This was on our list last week as well and continues to be free. His game requires your concentration. and the goal is to build impossible towers and train your logical thinking.

Well, that sums up our list of paid apps that are temporarily free for the first half of this week. We will update this article with a fresh list of free apps on Friday. As always, do send us your app suggestions and let us know if we missed an important app in this list. 

What other temporarily free apps would you recommend to the NextPit community?

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