VGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021 – FOB Vietnam

VGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021 – FOB Vietnam

VGLOVES - powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021
http://CRYTONIC.COMVGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021

VGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021 – FOB Vietnam

VGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021

Available on order basis Import to India only

VGloves are being manufactured using synthetic latex, having no latex proteins and are more puncture resistant than natural rubber. Powder Free Nitrile Gloves are anti-static in behavior, good solvent resistant, odour free, and hence useful in food and dairy industry.

Special Features
– Latex-free, odour-free and powder-free
– Can Withstand IPA washing (ISO Propyl Alcohol).
– Can be used in food industry
– Ideal for doctors with latex allergy

Product Information:

Material- Nitrile Rubber, this product does not contain protein found in Natural Rubber Latex
Color- Lavender Blue
Design- Ambidextrous, sterile, beaded cuff and Extra rough (textured) at fingertip surface.
Powder Content- < 2.0 mg/dm2 Extractable Protein Level- <200 µg/ dm2 Sterilization- Non Sterile Labeling- Shall comply with the corresponding labeling specification and customer requirement Shelf Life- 3 years from the date of manufacture Storage condition- Shall be stored in cool dry place and away from direct light. 100 Pieces per Box Minimum Order Quantity= 20,000 Boxes (20,00,000 gloves) Imported to India

VGloves Brand available with FOB rates, Production Line & Authorized Seller:

MOQ: (min. 6months contract)
1. Price: $7-6.90 USD/Month
– Min. SPA 1.024-4Million Boxes/Month for 6months, Total 6.144-24Million Boxes in 6months
Min. 32containers/month of 40ft
2. Price: $6.85 USD/Month
– Max. SPA 5Million Boxes/Month for 6months, Total MOQ 30Million Boxes in 6months
Max. 156.25containers/month of 40ft

Max. Order accepted of 160Million Boxes/contract per year, 1st 4months will be 5M Boxes/Month only, remaining quantity will be adjusted in remaining 8months

Supply duration can be increased above 6months, but supply/month will not increase until first 4months

(Whatever quantity, fixed 15cents to Buyer team after us )

No Negotiation accepted in SOP or Contract Period (MOQ)


BOOK FAST before Allocation is Over !!!!!

100% Irrevocable Revolving Transferrable LC/100% SBLC after SGS after stock inspection.

Payment Modules: If 100% IC RT LC for total contract period.

LOI shall be addressed as:
The VGloves Authorized Seller, INDIA

Commission : Fixed Total 15cents, available for all Buyer Team after BE till 1st Buyer Mandate .

SOP for VGloves Seller:
1. NCNDA with BE, Buyer team and End-Buyer, LOI & BCL & image of Cancelled Cheque, from End-Buyer.
2. FCO from Allocation Holder for signatures
3. SPA from Seller with Penalty Clause of 2-5% within 24-48hrs. ( Allocation Letter will be shared by Seller only after signing SPA)
4. Buyer issues Bank ICPO & LC draft.
5. Seller confirms LC Draft from bank then issues Bank ICPO, against which ICPI is released for Buyer’s Order.
6. Buyer issues raised LC from Bank with FCO, SPA, Bank ICPO & Bank ICPI and submits to Seller for Seller’sBank Confirmation.
7. Production starts in the factory within 24-48hours after acceptance of Buyer’s LC.
– If buyer wants to apply for SGS on their own expenses at Factory, then buyer has to apply for SGS Inspection and submit it’s receipt to Buyer upon stock gets ready and updated to you.
7. On each shipment documents such as SGS, Buyer releases funds via IC RT LC.
8. Upon 1st batch payment received, seller will release stock from warehouse to the port.
9. Pickup at Air/Sea port as per buyer’s choice.

Buyer can do their own SGS, at Vietnam before 1st LC payment. In this case, Buyer will have to submit SGS Booking/Payment receipt to seller for SGS Booking Confirmation. If this is the case, then Buyer has to 100% of that particular weekly slot after their SGS Certificate is received within 24hours.

Exclusively, our Firm also provide Logistics Services for both, Ship & Air Charter services, at the best market rates, this will be Extra paid to our Logistics Partner directly. It is as per Buyer’s Choice.

Please Note:
– No Buyer Mandate can bill on behalf of the Buyer.
– Money Holder is the only Buyer.
– We do not accept Authorization Letter, so if you are planning this, please stay away from us.
– End-Buyer holding money in their own account pays to End-Seller holding Allocation Letter (End-Seller) of the stock directly. We are just mandates earning commission.
– Allocation Letter & SPA is not shared to mandates initially, as per confidentiality, only Seller, BE & End-Buyer has access to these documents

VGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021 – FOB Vietnam,VGLOVES – powder free Medical Examination nitrile gloves 2021 – FOB Vietnam