8BitDo’s Pro 2 controller adds back paddles and a quick profile switcher


8BitDo has launched the follow-up to the SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth controller that came out in 2019, and it offers additional features for the same price. The 8BitDo Pro 2 has two back buttons that you can assign any function to, so you don’t have to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks if you can help it. To program the buttons — or to remap any buttons you want — you’ll have to use the company’s Ultimate Software. While the software was only accessible on Mac and Windows in the past, it’s now also available as an app for Android and iOS.


In addition to giving you a way to remap buttons, the software also lets you create profiles. The good news is that you don’t have to fire up the app to change profiles on the controller anymore, because the Pro 2 has a dedicated button that holds up to three of them — just press it to switch between profiles on the fly. There’s a new mode switch button, as well, so you can quickly go from one mode to another, allowing you to use the controller in Switch or Android mode, or to pair it as an X-input or D-input device. Finally, the Pro 2 has a textured back that offers better grip than its predecessor.



We loved the Pro+ when it came out, and we called it a “near-perfect Switch controller” in our review — we even preferred it over the official Switch Pro controller. With its additional features, we’re hoping its successor is even better. You can now pre-order the 8BitDo Pro 2 from Amazon for $50. The package will come with a USB cable, giving you a way to use the device as a wired controller. If you want the smartphone clip and the carrying case the company designed for the model, though, you’ll have to buy them separately. Both accessories are now also available for pre-order on Amazon and will ship on April 12th. 

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