Apple discontinues the iMac Pro


Apple is discontinuing the iMac Pro desktop computer. The company is currently selling the base configuration on its website with a sign that says “While supplies last.” You can no longer configure the computer and the default configuration is the only option available.

Apple discontinues the iMac Pro

This change was first noticed by 9to5Mac. Apple then confirmed that it will be discontinuing the product after supplies run out to The Verge.

The iMac Pro was a more powerful version of the standard iMac. It featured the workstation-grade Intel Xeon processors with ECC memory and AMD Radeon Pro graphics. The iMac Pro also featured improved cooling performance over the standard iMac and came in an exclusive Space Gray color with matching accessories.

Apple is expected to revamp the standard iMac with a brand new design and a switch to the ARM-based Apple Silicon some time this year. This new machine will likely handily outstrip every currently available iMac configuration.

Launched in 2017, the iMac Pro was always a bit of a stop-gap solution before the company started work on the Mac Pro. Now with both the iMac and Mac Pro expected to switch to Apple Silicon, there isn’t much need for a separate iMac Pro in the lineup.

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