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What is Biofloc?

It is an imaginative and financially savvy innovation in which harmful materials to the fish and shellfish, for example, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia can be changed over to helpful item, ie., proteinaceous feed. It is the innovation utilized in hydroponics framework with restricted or zero water trade under high stocking thickness, solid air circulation and biota shaped by biofloc.The culture of biofloc will be useful on account of culture tanks presented to sun.

Types Of Biofloc Farming

In this biofloc technology we can take culture in two type of farming.

  1. Biofloc Fish Farming
  2. Biofloc Shirmp Farming
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Advantages of Biofloc culture framework

  • Eco-accommodating society framework.
  • It diminishes natural effect.
  • Improves land and water use productivity
  • Restricted or zero water trade
  • Higher efficiency (It improves endurance rate, development execution, feed change in the way of life frameworks of fish).
  • Higher biosecurity.
  • Diminishes water contamination and the danger of presentation and spread of microbes
  • Financially savvy feed creation.
  • It diminishes usage of protein rich feed and cost of standard feed.
  • It diminishes the tension on catch fisheries ie., utilization of less expensive food fish and junk fish for fish feed definition.

Disadvantages of Biofloc Technology

  • Expanded energy necessity for blending and air circulation
  • Decreased reaction time since water breath rates are raised
  • Start-up period required
  • Alkalinity supplementation required
  • Expanded contamination potential from nitrate gathering
  • Conflicting and occasional execution for daylight uncovered frameworks

What is Biofloc fish farming?

Biofloc fish farming is farming which we can start with a tank. It is a low cost way in which toxic materials for the fish such as Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite can be converted into feed.

When we usually feed a Fish in Pond we dont know if it taking the feed or not. Here we can take care easily. Do you know a Fish utilize only 10-15% of his eaten food and rest release as west.

In this technique the West of the food convert with the help of good bacteria into fish food again. Due to this we Save 65-70% Food cost in this type of farming. its called waste management system.

Is Biofloc fish farming profitable?

Yes, it is a most profitable business we ever come across in fish farming. Due to low water consumption and low feed consumption it helps in cost saving & can double your income.

How To Start Biofloc Farming?

It is a very simple to start a Biofloc fish farming. In a small area also we can start our project. We have to built tanks as Shown in the picture bellow. Very low cost we can start this.biofolic fish farming Tank Setup

Different states of India have begun to utilize the biofloc framework to improve fish cultivating and it support quality and help fish farmers to get high profit.

Odisha’s Fisheries and Animal Resources recently announced that the use of biofloc fish Technic in farming boosting profit of the farmer in Odisha.

Which fish is best for Biofloc fish farming?

There are two type of Fish one is Air Breather and second want Water Breather. For the Start up and beginners we recommend to start with Air Breather kind of fish. Singi, Papda, Vietnam koi, local Mangur , pankas, Tilapia Fish are the best fish for biofolic fish farming.

How much does it cost to start a fish farm?

With a minimum investment of 50,000 you can start your project. We are going to give you Total estimate of different type of tank that includes all cost. It includes feeding cost, seeds and all .

Capacity of tank in litresDiameterCapacity of water (in litres)Rupees
10,0004 Mtr.12,000 Ltr.50,000/-
15,0004 Mtr.16,340 Ltr.60,000/-
30,0006 Mtr.35,000 Ltr.75,000/-
50,0008 Mtr.55,000 Ltr.90,000/-
70,0009 Mtr.75,000 Ltr.1,10,000/-
80,00010 Mtr.86,000 Ltr.1,20,000/-
1,00,00012 Mtr.1,10,000 Ltr.1,40,000/-

Price list of Biofolic fish farming

How much I can earn from fish farming?

.If you take-care properly you can earn 30,000 to 50,000 form a single 4Mtr tank in 3-4 months. This amount you can get after all the expenditure in 1st culture. Second culture you need a small investment a harvest more. One tank you can use for 10-15 years, it means you can make 25-35 culture.

Let me Explain :

We are taking One 4Mtr tank As an report. We are taking Catfish(air breather) Vietnam koi in this report.

  • Tank capacity 10,000 – 15,000
  • You can firm 2500 seeds. After 4 Month you can Harvest fish 150-170 grams.
  • 2500 * 0.150 = 375 kg (After 4-5 month of fish)
  • Market price of Vietnam koi is 250 in Wholesale.

375 * 250 = 93,750 Rupee is you Gross Profit

You can Earn Net Profit 30,000 to 50,000 as you Net Profit.

Material supplied according t the capacity of the tank.

  • 1 blower according to the capacity of total number of tanks
  • 500 GSM tarpaulin
  • 500 GSM protector
  • UPVC pipe inlet for more aeration
  • PVC pipe for outlet
  • 15 stones, 15 controller, connector
  • 6 MM mess 50 ft in length and 1.5 m in height
  • Imhop cone
  • Digital machine to weigh the fish
  • Water digital thermometer
  • Water parameter kit, PH, TDS, DO ammonia

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